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We specialize in Asphalt Paving, Patching, and gravel work. 

You can count on us to get the job done. We are family-owned and operated!


We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality in every project completed by our crew. No Asphalt Paving project is too big or too small.

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Need asphalt repaired? We can handle it!


Need a gravel driveway or looking to establish a gravel parking area? We provide these too!


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We service all of Sequoyah County Oklahoma and surrounding counties.


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With over 35 years of experience under our belt in the paving industry, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Request a quote below via our quote request form, or call us to schedule to meet with you, measure your project and work up a quote. If you are a General Contractor we are happy to view the plans and specifications of your project and return a quote to you as well.

Over 35 years of experience in the industry.

We perform projects in Oklahoma and Arkansas (Licensed in Arkansas). Perform asphalt paving for residential, private, commercial, state, county, and federal projects. With over 35 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, you are at the right place. We have an experienced crew as well. Everyone is willing and eager to ensure every project is completed with precision. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability!  

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Client Testimonials

Our road was chip & seal and had deteriorated beyond repair. When potholes were filled, it’d only last until the next rain or a few weeks since there are heavy trucks using it daily. Then the county went to putting gravel down which blanketed our home & all structures with fine dust that accumulates & can’t keep even partially clean. We ride bicycles and had portions where a skinny bike tire couldn’t find a smooth track. Once McKenzie Asphalt started the process, it was only a couple of days we had one side of a smooth Asphalt road to drive on. A couple of days after that, the other side was done! They kept moving down the road completing the next section until close to 3 miles were finished in a very short time. Then they put a center line on. This new road is a life changer! No longer do we have to warn visitors to watch out for potholes. We can ride our bicycles without worrying about poor road conditions. No more clouds of dust keeping us from enjoying being outside. And the workers were courteous and respectful to drivers. I am very grateful to Jim Rogers our County Commissioner and especially to McKenzie Asphalt for the great work!

Terri D.